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Hand Control Conversions and Vehicle Adaptations 

The controls are suitable for any person suffering partial or complete loss of use in an upper or lower limb, also for Diabetics and other people who can't feel foot pedals due to nerve damage and a subsequent loss of sensation. 

Conversions and Adaptations which are available are as follows :-

Hand Control Conversions

For drivers who are unable to use foot pedals and therefore need an alternative method of controlling the car (i.e. brake and accelerator). Automatic cars are easier and less expensive to fit with hand controls than manual cars and are considered to be easier to drive.

Accelerator Controls

Left Foot Accelerator Controls for people who need the accelerator moving from the right to the left side of the brake pedal (AUTOMATIC CARS ONLY). 

Pedal Extensions

These bring pedals closer to the driver so they can reach the pedals with ease. 

Steering Conversions

Steering balls enable you to steer the vehicle one handed without changing your grip. 

Handbrake Easy Release

Easy release handbrake converts push-button operation into lever action for a driver who can't operate a conventional handbrake button.

Other types of handbrake adaptations are available


Arm extensions to convert car indicators from one side to the other for drivers who only have the use of one arm.

Infra Red Controls

Converts cars electric functions (i.e. Indicators, Lights, Horn etc...) to remote control which can then be mounted on the steering wheel for easy one handed operation.

Car Boot Hoists

Suitable for loading and unloading electric wheelchairs, electric scooters etc... 

Elap Swivel Seat

This replaces the passenger or driver seat and turns through 45 degrees and out of the vehicle for ease of transfer for a wheelchair user or someone who is less able. 

Helps reduce possible injury to the Carer who may have to lift the passenger in and out of the car on a daily basis. 


A full range of batteries for mobility equipment (i.e. Electric Wheelchairs & Scooters) are also available.

For more details or to discuss your exact requirements, contact myself DARRIN J. HOGAN